Chatfield Baseball

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Job Descriptions

All Executive Board Members are expected to have regular attendance at Diamond Club meetings.  During the regular season (December – May) of meetings, Executive Board members are allowed 1 excused absence outside of extenuating circumstances.  In the case of an absence, the member is expected to update the President on their position and all reports so he can report to the membership on their behalf accordingly.

The President is responsible for the overall business of the Diamond Club (DC).  Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Determining General Meeting times and dates, acquiring the meeting facility.
    • Once the Baseball season begins, the schedule should be reviewed to ensure a healthy attendance at meetings.
  • Determining Executive Board Meeting times and dates and acquiring the meeting facility
  • Establishing the agenda for each meeting (General and Executive).
  • Reviewing and initialing all reconciled financial statements prior to the presentation to the General Membership.  This needs to be completed monthly within a week of the monthly statement cycle so that a timely presentation to the board can be done.  There will be times when this is not feasible but should be an exception.
  • Communicating with Coach regarding his goals and desires regarding funding from the Diamond Club on an annual basis.
  • Periodic review to ensure the DC is on track to achieve the previously established goals.
  • Organization of field days and general work on the field and facilities.
  • Establishing the Audit Committee for the annual review of the DC financials.  The President shall sit as one of the three members on the committee.  This is to be done annually or whenever a Treasurer leaves office.
  • Review and approve General Meeting minutes in a timely manner prior to posting on the website.
  • Inventory all assets of the DC including but not limited to ipads, radar guns, video cameras and gloves and ensure the sign out sheets are properly completed.
  • Periodically examine physical buildings and other structures maintained by the DC to ensure the structures are in good order and pest free.
  • Provide forward thinking and introduction of ideas that will further the overall positive impact of the DC on the Chatfield Baseball program.
  • Estimated hours per week this Office requires: Avg 2-3 hrs/week

Fundraising Chairperson
The Fundraising Chairperson is responsible for coordinating all fund raising activities for the Diamond Club.  Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with the Executive Board to determine the fundraising activities and monetary goals for the year
  • Plan and execute 3-5 big fundraising events (includes venue, food, decorations, marketing, music, prizes)
  • Organizing the annual raffle – establishing a budget
    • Getting a committee organized that will:
    • Ensure the license is current
    • Acquire the raffle items – donations are preferable but the budget should account for necessary purchases.
    • Determine the date, reserving the location
    • Purchase the tickets, dividing the tickets per player and delivering them to the players
    • Set up the catering, decorations, silent auction items, DJ
    • Get sold tickets turned in along with the money and all unsold tickets returned
    • Rockies Ticket Program (if applicable) – Recruit and manage a volunteer to work with the Rockies Organization regarding the HHBB program and set goals for a net income to the DC
  • Administer the Bricks for Baseball program
  • Administer the Sponsorship program including banners for the field
  • Run all fundraising programs as determined by the Exec Committee
  • Concession Stand – recruit and manage a “Concession Stand Contact” that will keep an inventory list and manage inventory and make regular runs to Costco for additional inventory.
  • Obtain advertisers for the Roster & Media Guide - if applicable
  • Develop a program to gain corporate sponsorships
  • Provide thought leadership for new and innovative fundraising activities that will encourage participation
  • Estimated hours per week or month this Office requires: Avg 1-2hrs per month (during the period of September-February plan on 2-4 hrs per week).

Marketing/Communications Chairperson
The Marketing/Communications Chairperson (MCC) is responsible for communication within the organization and the membership.  Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Web site management – is the website for the Diamond Club.  The MCC is responsible for the day to day management, upkeep and appearance of the website.  The MCC has the authority to delegate this responsibility to an experienced volunteer from within Diamond Club membership
  • Communication to the membership regarding: schedules, fundraising
  • Outreach to incoming players and their families to keep them up-to-date and abreast of issues within Chatfield Baseball
  • Outreach to other organizations within Chatfield athletics and clubs
  • Creation of a committee to compile and create the Annual Media Guide /Program
    • Obtain completed bios from all players
    • Have individual pictures and team pictures taken outside of school photographers
    • Obtain information from the coaches and administration
    • Coordinate the sponsors
  • Public Relations: provide updates and news stories to local media (online, print, broadcast)
  • Manage social media communities: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Estimated hours per week or month this Office requires: Avg 2hrs per week

The Treasurer (Treas) is responsible for the financials of the organization.  Qualifications include a background and experience in accounting and account reconciliation.  Should be familiar with and able to work in EXCEL.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Reconcile the bank statement and credit card statements monthly within one week of the statement cycles.
    • All requests for checks or reimbursement shall have an attached invoice or receipt with appropriate approvals.
    • Expenses not listed on the general budget need prior approval from the Board President
  • Tracking and communicating the profitability of each fund raiser (raffle, poker, Super Bowl, Rockies, concessions…)
  • Track player account balances – tracking King Soopers’ payments, and fundraiser efforts.  The account balances should be emailed to the card holders monthly by the MCC.
  • Prepare and file all applicable tax returns and filings by the deadline
  • Prepare and file all required filings (raffle licenses etc) by the deadline
  • Preparation of financials for board meetings and copying for review at meetings (all other items, agendas and previous minutes should be printed and brought for review by each attending member)
  • Work with outside accountant to ensure filings and accounts are in proper financial order and in compliance with regulations.
  • Estimated hours per week or month this Office requires: Average 2-4 hours/week

The Secretary (Sec) is responsible for the historical documentation of Diamond Club activities and happenings.  Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Compiling agendas monthly from the President and distributing them to the membership.
  • Taking minutes during meetings, compiling them for board approval and routing them to the membership in a timely manner
  • Reserving meeting location times with the school in advance.
  • Organizing the Ice Cream Social or other functions for team announcement
  • Documenting outside activities that the team participates in -
    • Spring Break Tournaments
      • Out of town accommodations
    • Community Outreach
    • Ice Cream Social, Year End Banquet
  • Organizing the Year End Banquet Committee
    • One or two parents of senior players are to head it
    • Several underclassmen parents shall organize and plan it
  • Estimated hours per week or month this Office requires: Avg 2hrs/month


Consider the following:

Positions should be held by parents that have shown a dedication and commitment to the Diamond Club through volunteerism and consistent attendance at board meetings.  If the parent has an underclassman joining the program the following year, an exception can be made.