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King Soopers Cards
Do you want to Earn Easy $$ For Your Player?

All you have to do is buy gas and groceries at King Soopers and we (CSH Diamond Club)get 5% back! Share with friends, and family...reload your card regularly and sit back and see your fees drop, drop, drop!

Purchase a reloadable gift card for $2.50 and reload as much or as little as you want during the month. Ask your neighbors, friends and family-the more they spend the more King Soopers donates to the DC!  The more money the DC can fundraise - the more it helps with fees.

For King Soopers Card: Contact Us at
NOTE - The King Soopers Card program is a donation made to the CSH Diamond Club.  Amounts "earned" in the King Soopers card program are maintained in the general fund with the CSH-DC and may only be used for your player fees for the Chatfield Senior High School baseball program.  These amounts are donated to the DC and not individuals and as such are not refundable or transferable under any circumstance.