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Chatfield baseball recognizes that trying to determine what steps or opportunities that a player should consider in order to compete at the highest level possible can be challenging. There are a wide variety of showcases, events and workout programs offered both locally and regionally. With that in mind, we will continue to provide education and programs that we believe may be worth consideration. Our goal is to provide information. Outside of Chatfield required activities, these programs will be optional for the players. We realize the costs to participate in these add up and are not for every family.


As a coaching staff, we are dedicated to the development of our players. It is our goal to help them position themselves for opportunities to advance their baseball careers. If a player has any questions on what steps to take, he should contact one of the coaches.


Check back here for updates, links and resources on opportunities and insights for those pursuing baseball at the next level!



Most showcases and events are during the high school off-season, meaning fall and summer. We'll add events that take place in Colorado as the information becomes available.



Similar to services designed to help students and families prepare for the academic side of college studies, there are many choices for recruiting services for athletics.  These services are designed to work an athlete through the process and provide exposure to college recruiters. It should be noted that seeking or hiring these services aren't necessary to facilitate an  opportunity to play at the next level, but the resources exist and these companies actively pitch families and players on their services. Like anythng else, it will come down to your family and what might support your own efforts. Chatfield baseball does not endorse any particular recruiting service for our athletes looking to play college baseball.  We recommend that families considering this option research the various companies and ask them for multiple references in order to get feedback on the experience.

It's also important to differentiate between a recruiting "service" and actual college and professional recruiters. The most direct way to identify the coaches or staffers responsibe for identifying talent for a college program is to visit the college website, search out the athletic/baseball directory and find the coaches' emails or phone numbers. This is a great activity for players who are serious about playing at the next level. The college websites also offer a wealth of information about the academics and programs at a school and can assist famiies with deveoping their own list of colleges and programs that are a true fit for your player. Then the payer can initiate contact with that coaching staff, identify how to get exposure with that school or coach without the middleman:

  • Does the coach access Field Level for stats and info (a player's coach as to add him to this database)
  • Is the college putting on a camp that the player should attend to get seen
  • Consider an in person visit
  • Inquire what tournamnts summer/fall these schools will attend...and communicating to them what tournaments your summer or fall teams attend.



The Various Levels of College Baseball
Learn about the different from NCAA D1 to D2 to D3 - along with NAIA and Junior College.  The link below goes into detail on the following for each division - great information to find and narrow down your potential college wish list:
Individual Skill Level Expectations
Academic & Eligibility Considerations
Scholarship Guidelines
Level of Competition




Prep Baseball Report (PBR) has become a premier link for prospective high school athletes to get exposure to college scouts and coaches through a search.  Through their website and events such as showcases and games, they provide a platform for players to display their skills in a showcase/tryout atmosphere.  PBR events are not typically attended by college coaches, what you will benefit from is a 3rd party evaluation that can be used as reference when a player is emailing/contacting coaches: many of their events include video, commentary and key stat capture so that an athlete has a third party evaluation to share with coaches. Chatfield has had several current and past players who have used PBR as a platform to capture videos, commentary/evaluations and their stats (60 time, bat exit velocity, position velocity, pitching numbers, catching numbers).


Field Level: FieldLevel is a private social network for sports recruiting and scouting.  It serves as a coach-to-coach recruiting network website that creates a platform for coaches to promote players to a verified network of coaches while allowing colleges to search for players based on their information to identify potential matches.  As a player, you can set up your own profile and then have your coach certify you.  You can only be certified by one coach at a time; so if you are playing for a Club team, that coach can certify you.  Once certified, you can update your account with stats, videos, academic stats, identify schools you are interested in and receive updates when a match occurs.At Chatfield, we utilize FieldLevel for our Varsity players and selected JV players.  If you are interested, you should talk to your coaches about eligibility through Chatfield.

Club Baseball. Like many other high school sports, an athlete that plans to or hopes to play at the next level will often dedicate themselves to playing year-round, or during one of the off-seasons complimenting the regular high school varsity season. For baseball, summer and fall options are to play with the high school program that is offered, or a club team. These off season clubs typically focus on development, but also attending tournaments and showcases as a team to gain exposure from college and major league recruiters. Club ball comes with fees that vary from program to program so good questions to ask before considering a club is: what tournaments do you attend, what are the fees, and what is the success or history with their players gaining exposure from certain colleges. In addition to club baseball options, Chatfield continues to run Chatfield-only based teams in those seasons.  These are some of the club baseball programs in Colorado, none are formally endorsed by Chatfield.

Team Colorado

Colorado Khaos
Scout teams